Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do You Suffer Pain?

Suffering pain is a big thing with humans! Where does this desire to suffer in pain come from? Why do we suffer?

Pain is a belief system. You believe pain is necessary. You believe pain is a physical process when in truth, it's a mental process. A completely guiltless mind would never suffer pain.

The biggest way to resolve pain is with forgiveness. Forgive YOURSELF first, then forgive others. Forgiveness is a spiritual release of angst that you are holding onto out of guilt. You feel bad about something you did to yourself or another! This process of the persona, psyche, ego to maintain a suffering attitude is a misperception of the use of energy in that when the lesson is learned, when you have felt the shame of your so-called bad actions, it's time to let them go, time to forgive, not to continue feeling the same pain over and over! That's a waste of energy!

Face your demons, face your issue and remember that some issues will not go away if left unattended, but instead will get worse. Also, you will waste precious time worrying about them.

Face your pain and then forgive the pain. Release the hurt. Remember, it is a MENTAL process and you can change your belief system from suffering to joy. Alas, your suffering is just a different reflection of your joy!!!

You are still here on the other side of your painful experience. You made it. You are strong. Now, stop the long suffering attitude because pain, like everything in our physical reality is a thought construct.

Laugh at your demons. Don't crystallize them into your physical, mental and emotional bodies. It doesn't become an awesome being such as yourself!

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