Friday, July 17, 2015

Contrary Whale

I've been working with animal medicine cards for many years that have assisted me in the discovery of power through the ways of animals.

If you pull a card that is upside down, this is considered "contrary" meaning there is an imbalance in this medicine that you are evincing.

Yesterday, I pulled Whale which is known as the Record keeper. I share with you, now, the message of contrary whale excerpted from "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams and David Carson:

"...You are not following your sonar or homing device. On some level you have forgotten that you hold all the answers you need to survive, to grow, and to claim the power of your chosen destiny. Flow with the waters of time and collect your answers. They are the only truth that will lead you to your personal pathway of knowing. You must desire to know. You will connect to the Ancients on a cellular level. You will begin to open your unique library of records. Look to the Great Star Nation and send gratitude to Sirius for the song of Whale."

This resonated with me. May this message do something for you as we are all record keepers!!!

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