Saturday, July 4, 2015

Are you Free?

On my own Wisdom Path, I have experienced that the main way of  maintaining my freedom is to embrace my natural powers. The natural powers that each of us is endowed with!

What are these powers? They are our inherent ability to desire, intend and think. By our desires, intentions and thoughts, we attract to ourselves the object of our desires, intentions and thoughts, thereby creating our personal reality.

When we embrace our natural powers as listed above, we can learn NOT to USE these powers if we choose not to. We can let them rest. It is in our FREE CHOICE to use or not to use these powers that allows us to truly be FREE.

This is a free choice Universe and you are given that freedom to choose whether you will even be free or not.

You are free and only when you realize that your reality is created by the free choices that you have before you can you really be free and see that your personal power is up to you and no one and nothing else.

Happy July 4th!

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