Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are Spirituality and Religion the Same?

Are spirituality and religion the same? Many think so and I was provided with seven distinctions that can be made between spirituality and religion.

I post these differences simply for greater clarity:

1. Religion makes you bow - spirituality sets you free.

2. Religion shows you fear - spirituality shows you how to be brave.

3. Religion tells you the truth - spirituality lets you discover it.

4. Religion separates you from other religions - spirituality unites them.

5. Religion makes you dependent - spirituality makes you independent.

6. Religion applies punishment - spirituality applies karma.

7. Religion makes you follow other journey - spirituality lets you create your own.

There is really nothing to follow in being spiritual as you are already spirit having a human experience. It's about connecting to spirit who is always there for you because it IS you.

Spirit does not punish and kill nor does it say that its way is the best and only way to know IT.

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