Sunday, June 21, 2015

You Are Light

Humans, like everything else are composed of Light and Sound. As the Council of Light says, "Light is known to alter every vibrational frequency that it encounters. Light carries information and information expands systems so that old systems can no longer exist."

We humans are simply vibrating frequencies of light and when we raise our consciousness, we raise our light quotient and this effects the whole.

Your presence as a "light worker" is thus extremely important to raising the vibrational frequency of  not only your neighbor and family but all you come into contact with. They can literally pick up on your information whether consciously or not. This also goes beyond people for everything picks up on you.

What is this information? It is the codes of your soul, your Spirit. It is the very energy of your being so let it sing and shine an enlightened energy.

That is why the Wisdom Path is so important. It is a path of increasing your light quotient by raising your light vibrational frequencies to higher and higher levels through your work on this path.

It is no joke to read the information in these blogs, or meditate or take classes in yoga or read spiritual books or whatever you do to increase your light quotient for it enhances the whole.

Your presence is the way you transmit your light. That is why you are here.  That is part of your purpose. Go shine your light. Happy Father's Day.

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