Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Wisdom Path" is a metaphor created by words...the path does not exist!

The map is not the territory and so it goes with the "wisdom path." The "wisdom path" are only words to approximate a consciousness, for no real path exists. The path is an awareness and we use an image, "path" to better assist our psyche in connecting with that which is Spirit. Once our psyche accepts this path, we can move on to spirit.

The "wisdom path" is a spiritual construct that does not exist in our physical reality. It is quantum and when we talk about stepping onto your own wisdom path, we are talking about taking the great quantum leap to a higher vibratory level where the aspects of the wisdom path can be found. This is within. This path is the inner realm.

Being wise, having wisdom is a perspective about how to live a more mindful, conscious and aware life. Not everyone chooses this path for not everyone is ready to travail this most eye-opening way of being. That's why age does not determine wisdom.  However, this path is open to everyone because it's in everyone. It is up to each one of us to access it.

There is no moral aspect to whether you choose the wisdom path or not. Eventually all will at their own time and place.

Can you define who is wise and who is not? In my perception, it cannot be defined. It can be observed, yes, and we can feel the awareness of the wise in our field of vision. When you meet someone wise, you can feel it in their presence. They don't have to say a word or do anything. It's obvious in their aura and you must learn to see.

The "wisdom path" is quantum and when you step onto the path, you are stepping onto...nothing!

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