Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unlimited Supply Consciousness

Unlimited supply is the nature of our reality. Unlimited supply consciousness is the awareness that we exist in unlimited supply! When you live in, when you believe you are, when you simply live unlimited supply consciousness, you are unlimited in everything and everything comes to you.

You will have no limits in love, happiness, joy, peace, abundance, health, wealth, compassion, tranquility, friendship and more. It is only the ego, the psyche that believes in lack.

If you lack anything, it's because you believe in lack, you think it's real. There is no lack. Perhaps you are going through lack to teach you that there is no lack. Lack is also a consciousness and watch out for your conditioning that has taught you that lack is real. We were all influenced by this lack conditioning. It's a "false" construct in that it is a lower vibrating reality that is not of our highest integrity.

Sometimes, changing our lack consciousness takes effort in re-programing ourselves, re-programming our psyches. Here a re-programming statement you can use right, now, that I use every day, to help you move into unlimited supply consciousness:

"I ask that the energy fields of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies be brought into perfect alignment so that my Divine Self may consciously be made fully manifest on the physical plane, and all planes of existence, in a manner that brings me great joy, ease, grace, pleasure and abundance." (from "In Resonance with Jasmuheen.")

Remember that in working with positive affirmations and re-programming, you must come from an inner place of "intensity of intention, continuity and repetition, faith and devotion, absence of doubt and acceptance that results will be forthcoming." (Also from "In Resonance with Jasmuheen.")

I believe in this, I do this and that's why I share it with you. It works. It brings unlimited supply consciousness into our physical reality, into each of us and that's the point, isn't it?

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