Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Yamas and the Nujamas

Disciplines from other cultures and spiritual understandings continue to expand my awareness on the Wisdom Path.

A good example are the Yamas and the Nujamas that I learned about through Buddhist thought. I share them with you because I think you'll find them insightful:

Yamas: The 5 Forbidden Things, or Rules for Moral Discipline:

1. Renunciation of Power.

2. Renunciation of lying and deception.

3. Not stealing.

4. Moderation in all things.

5. Nonattachment.

Nujamas, The 5 Commandments or Rules for Self-discipline:

1. Purification of the body.

2. Contentedness.

3. Frugality.

4. Study of sacred texts.

5. Conscious orientation toward the Divine.

When I live according to the Yamas and the Nujamas, I allow my discipline to be a beacon of light and not just say or write words.  This path is real and is a needed path for all those who are moving beyond the mundane.

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