Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Power of the Intent of the Self

Each of us carries with us and have access to the power of the intent of the Self. Our intent and potentiality add up to our purpose which to me is a completely faceted and brilliant diamond.

This intent that we have we can use as the tremendous tool that it is for the purpose of creating the awesome reality we are destined to that waits for us in the potential of our Divine Blurprint.

Everyone has this ability.

I enjoy the metaphor used by Don Juan Matus in the Carlos Castaneda books where Don Juan talks about a "warrior's connection with intent."

How do you connect with your intent?

1. Look at your connecting link to intent and see that it is not rusty.

2. The warrior succeeds in cleaning his connecting link to intent.

3. You must learn to manipulate your intent as in work with it like a shaping of it.

4. You must accept the designs of the abstract.

Give intent for that which your Spirit directs you to create. This is done through implicit means and takes not only practice but also believing you have the power.

Start with intending small creations and when they happen in your reality, you will be a believer and go on to bigger and better intentions for yourself and others. This is what is meant by the power of the intent of the Self. A most sacred and sustaining power!!!

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