Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Eight Roads to Heaven

I have been shown the Wisdom Path,  have been guided to walk this path and also perceive it as many things including the "Eight Roads to Heaven." I present this perception here for you to consider.

What are the "Eight Roads to Heaven"? When you travail this path, you must have rightness of:

1. Belief

2. Speech

3. Lifestyle

4. Thought

5. Actions

6. Exertions

7. Meditations

8. Divine connection

I cannot tell you what "rightness" is. That is for you to discern.

I do understand that the eight roads require integrity, rightness and honesty of behavior in everyday life.

Please watch out for dishonesty and self-deception.

Is this asking too much of us? Is this a hard road to travel? From my experience, it is not hard at all. It takes due diligence and discernment to handle the rigors of a path that asks you to do your best, to restrict your reactive nature, always!

I believe that this is the beauty way!

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