Monday, June 1, 2015

Stop Being So Fake...Connect With Your Authentic Self

Being in touch with your real self means you are not fooled by the persona's ego tricks. You realize that you are spirit having a human experience to walk a mystical path for the purpose of growing your soul.

This Earth existence is sacred and mystical and not a place to be a fake person with one upsmanship, game playing, ego battles and struggles, keeping up with the Jonses, defining yourself and others by comparison and competition. Being yourself is knowing that your purpose here is only to grow as a soul and that gives you an authenticity, a realness because your beingness shows through. You have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, your purpose is already established by your presence here on earth. YOUR PRESENCE IS YOUR PURPOSE!!!

This is much misunderstood and does not mean that you just sit around all day and do nothing but contemplate your navel because you have fulfilled your soul's purpose by just being here. WE ARE HERE TO EXPERIENCE!!! We can do creative, helpful and interesting works that help others and express ourselves while contributing to the greater whole. We can experience a whole range of emotion, thought and imagination not borrowed or stolen from others but from within our authentic selves. When you are in touch with your presence, you are authentic.

We need not be jealous, envious or copy others. We have our own voice...each one of us. We each are unique and sovereign and we don't need to give up our power to ANY OTHER.

Reconnect with your authentic self. You are endowed with so much personal power. Being fake is giving away your personal power because you are desperate for acceptance, community and love. Create these values within yourself. Remember, you must always GIVE TO GET NOT GET TO GIVE!!!

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