Friday, June 12, 2015

Stalking Yourself on the Wisdom Path

Stalking yourself is not doing to yourself what stalkers do when they go after celebrities or others in an attempt to do them harm or to get close to them based on an obsession.

This type of stalking of yourself comes from shamanism, from sorcery, specifically, from the sorcerer known as Don Juan Matus, whether real or not, as described in the books by Carlos Castaneda.

For me, this is a valid technique that you use to parent your ego as you "track" it's many machinations that would keep you bound in fear, survival, worry and distraction. The idea is to know your psyche and free yourself from its constraints.

How does one "stalk" oneself?

You "stalk" yourself by being ruthless, cunning, patient and sweet. Please realize when you are ruthless, you should not be harsh, when you are cunning, you should not be cruel, when you are patient, you should not be negligent, and when you are sweet, you should not be foolish.

As Don Juan says, "be ruthless but charming, be cunning but nice, be patient but active and be sweet but lethal."

This is the warrior's path where we are disciplining ourselves with wisdom. The Wisdom Path demands knowing yourself and doing it with strength, with rigor, unrelenting and knowing that it is the path to true inner understanding of Self. This is the connecting link to intent. The vast power of the intent of the Self!

Make it work FOR you!

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