Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raising A Child on the Wisdom Path

Our children are not our own. They choose us as parents and our responsibility is to eventually release them to their own life having assisted them in the maturation process.

How do we raise these beings who choose us? Being on my own wisdom path taught my wife and I some valuable lessons and helped us with ways to guide the being who chose us, our son, to the best of our ability.

Here are the actions we learned to take to raise our son on the wisdom path:

1. Understand who they really are and behave accordingly.

2. Respect yourself and show them great respect. Do not abuse them in any way or cross lines that should not be crossed!

3. Do not use the old ways of disciplining them as in corporal punishment. Be firm with them and always guide them with a steady hand. Don't get into power struggles with them as in they know you are their parent.

4. Lead by example.

5. Be ready when they ask why and be truthful in your answers.

6. Don't belittle them, especially in public and especially in front of their peer group.

7. Be there for them when THEY ask for your help, otherwise, just keep a watchful eye on them.

8. When you don't know where they are and it's past their bedtime, get off your ass and go look for them!!!

9. Love them for who THEY are, not what you want or think they should be.

10. Encourage, promote and support their talents and abilities. Yes, they too have dreams and allow them to express this!

11. As best you can, provide the basis of security: food, clothing, shelter, love, touch as in hug and kiss your children.

These worked for us and they are not the be and end all answers to guiding a child to perfection because there is no perfection. Each child is different. I will put my money on this way of raising a child for a most positive outcome...the wisdom path has guided us so and we have seen the good results.

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