Monday, June 22, 2015

Pay Attention, Cyber Shaman

Every human, even Earth herself, has chakras. To relate this to our cybernetic world of computers, chakras are also circuits, that is, circuits of consciousness or voticies of energy that are conscious and are part of our physico-spiritual complex.

These circuits of consciousness were first put forth by Indian Yogis thousands of years ago and studied by Dr. Timothy Leary while in prison , in the 1960's, where he wrote extensively on chakras, elucidating about our chakra system in his "eight brain model of consciousness."

What Dr. Leary realized is that our chakras, being circuits of consciousness, are layers of reality through which our soul perceives, understands and acts.

Here are the Circuits of Consciousness:

1. Root - vital energy and is love, abundance and health.

2. Politico-territorial - emotional.

3. Intellectual - conceptual. Belief systems, dogma.

4. Socio-sexual. Cultural.

The first four chakras are what Dr. Leary termed "terrestrial." Moving into the fifth chakra consciousness and beyond was termed the "Great Leap" into an extra-terrestrial or supra-terrestrial energy.

5. Somatic - energy.

6. Psychic - multi-dimensional.

7. Mystico-religious - universal.

8. Creator - cosmic. Quantum.

Why is this important? It's important because it's our operating system as humans and we create our reality by using our chakras/circuits. It's not all in our head as popularized by the "Cartesian" cosmology of Rene Descartes. When we are aware of creating with our chakras, we are truly participating in this world. This is key to being on the Wisdom Path.

In a sense, we become "cyber shamans" where experience initiates spiritual authority. The cyber shaman seeks balance, not obsession and in this balance, avoids "archetypal chauvinism" which is the excessive favoritism of one chakra/circuit over another.

It is important as a spiritual adept not to interpret the upper, extra-terrestrial chakras/circuits as "better." The bottom four circuits can act as anchors to help stabilize and integrate the upper chakras/circuits "shocks" of ectasy, uncertainty, indivisibilty and impermanence.

When you are on your own Wisdom Path, don't forget to bring your body with you!!!

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