Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Overthinking-Our Worst Enemy

The Wisdom Path asks for control of the persona, psyche and ego. If you aren't in control of your ego, you can fall victim to overthinking everything and lose personal power falling into worry, fear, distraction and depression.

Below are some viable steps you can take to control your overthinking which is extremely vital in these times of the Great Vibrational Shift:

1. See the bigger picture in your life and life in general. Put things into a wider perspective.

2. Set short time-limits for decisions.

3. Become a person of action being aware of ruminating and procrastinating.

4. Realize that you cannot control everything.

5. Say "no" or "stop" in circumstances where you know you are not thinking straight.

6. Stop yourself from getting lost in vague fears which can lead to anxiety.

7. Exercise every day.

8. Spend more of your time being mindful in the present moment.

9. Spend more of your time with like-minded people who also don't overthink things.

10. Recognize that, ultimately, you create your own reality.

The truth, to me, is that you are totally adequate for all situations.

Trust in yourself. You don't need to get rid of a fly with a Sherman tank!

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