Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love is a Behavior, not an Emotion

You can't really love anyone or thing. There is no emotion called "Love." Love is a force like gravity that is the basis of Creation. As Spirit having a human experience, we are already vibrating in the force of Love and therefore, we are already "in love."  When you are "in love" it is a FEELING out of which you behave this way:

1. You care.

2. You have compassion.

3. You are tolerant.

4. You are accepting.

5. You are forgiving.

6. You don't judge.

7. You are at peace.

8. You know your purpose.

9. You have harmony.

10. You are in balance.

11. You are in Divine non-chalance.

12. You are wise.

When you are behaving with the above aspects, you are behaving with the force of Love. This is the greatest force in the Cosmos. It is the force of Creation.

You don't "love" chocolate ice cream, you just enjoy eating it. When two people vibrate in the aware force of love with each other, the are "in love" and their behavior will reflect the aspects listed above. Oh, what a feeling.

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