Friday, June 5, 2015

Life Never Ends...the Metaphor of the "Road."

There is no death and life never ends as I have perceived in my Spirit. Life is ever lasting and this existence for me, is akin to a road we are constantly walking on. I have found the "road" metaphor really works for me as I see my journey of life as experiences that are varied and forward looking.

For me, that road is a paved, dirt country road with forest on each side. The sky above me is always visible and the weather is always agreeable. I am always on this road, going from experience to experience. Sometimes I am with many having a great party, sometimes I am with my beloved soul mate, my one-and-only, sometimes I am alone. I have come to terms with the multi-faceted nature of this "road" and it's ups and downs.

The key for me in staying positive and happy on the "road" is that I can always keep moving forward and never looking back to see what was. I know what was as it is in my heart and there is no need to struggle with the was an experience...did I learn from it?

I know I will have other experiences on this "road" and that's what excites me about life and that includes whether I am in body or not. I am still on the "road" even in the " afterlife."

I truly love the "road" metaphor in which I can visualize an experience as a happening and know that I cannot stay stuck in that happening. It must end to make room for new happenings and that my friends is the name of the wisdom happenings with a moving forward with contentment knowing that my heart is full of things that happened both good and bad and I am better for it!!!

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