Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let the Miracles Flow

Do you want to learn how to intentionally create your reality thereby having what some would call a miraculous life?

Here are several actionable things you can do to move forward on your path of a miraculous life:

1. Clearing/release - release what may be standing in your way.

2. Aligning - who and how would the you that already achieved your goals be?

3. Intention - what does your heart really desire?

4. Love - infuse yourself and your goals with love.

5. Manifesting activation - this is the acting on it part...the doing!

6. Letting go - allow the manifestation to unfold. No holding on, being needy, in despair or obsessing.

7. Receiving - be open to letting it come to you - you are worthy.

These are the best steps I have seen to assist us on our path of creating the reality of our dreams. It's not a magic formula because YOU must do the steps, the work on yourself to achieve your goals. This is not a short-cut to anything. It's really a formula that works to bring you close to the creator you are.

Do these steps and you'll see your life flow with more of the positive realities you are looking for in life.

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