Sunday, June 14, 2015

Four Control Dramas

I have been the victim of others' and my own control dramas all through my life.  As I became aware at how manipulative they were and how it was a play of the lower ego, the lower aspects of the psyche and persona, I began to release this type of behavior from my being. I no longer do this to myself or others. I also don't allow this to be foisted on me.

Here are four control dramas to recognize and ultimately release in yourself and get away from:

1. The Intimidator drama-the one who steals your energy by threat.

2. The Interrogator drama-the one who steals your energy by judging and questioning.

3. The aloof person drama-attracts your attention by playing coy.

4. The Poor me's drama-this is the person who makes you feel guilty and responsible for them.

Remember that the lower ego, psyche, persona wants to control. These dramas are how a very ego driven person gets a sense of self. There are more than four control dramas that people use and this is just a start to understanding this type of manipulating.

When you see through these pretenses, these dramas lose all control and hold over you.

Learning to love yourself and others unconditionally is the answer as there is no need to control another to achieve your intent.

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