Thursday, June 4, 2015

Doubt, Worry, Fear and Distraction...the Four Blessings of the Persona

I am going to ask you today to see your doubts, worries, fears and distractions as blessings, as positive forces that are here to help you learn and move you to higher levels on your wisdom path.

This is no easy process for we are mostly ruled by our personas, our psyches, our egos which "think" in doubt, worry, fear and distraction.

I am asking you today to think like your Spirit and realize that your doubts, worries, fears and distractions are simply learning tools to teach you about how to reach the dimension of Spirit where these types of thinking don't exist. As QuanYin said, "When you have cleared a certain amount of beliefs and density from your body you then vibrate higher and can access the higher dimensions."

The key is to switch your thinking about these ego structures and see them for what they really are: self-imposed beliefs designed to move you through one initiation, one "ring pass not" after another on your way to purity of heart, unity consciousness, unconditional love and the realization of the power of the intent of your Self to manifest your chosen reality in any dimension including this one we think we're in!

Doubt, worry, fear and distraction are negative vibrations that we take on to teach us. Let them teach you and when you have learned the lesson, release yourself from their hold with the confident humility that you have gone through this trial and now have a badge of courage on your soul.

Just remember that this process is ever on-going. We are always learning...something. See your life as that and get rid of the suffering aspect for it is not befitting a great soul such as yours!!!

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