Monday, June 15, 2015

Are You a Cynic?

In my experience with stepping onto my own Wisdom Path, I discovered that there is no room on this path for cynicism.

While I believe that a healthy dose of discernment is necessary to navigate the sometimes esoteric nature of the Wisdom Path, it cannot be walked with a jaded and cynical attitude if you want to truly expand your consciousness.

As my friend, Don Juan Matus, the sorcerer, says: "cynicism doesn't allow us to make drastic changes in our understanding of the world. It also forces us to feel that we are always right."

The very nature of our Wisdom Path asks us to keep an open mind, to be able to take into our being truths that resonate with us, truths that work for us in expanding our awareness for the better.

This path is ultimately a path of heart where all truths are revealed. There is no room for the mind of the cynic, a closed mind.  There is no room for the doubts, fears, worries and distractions of the persona, psyche, ego. This is a path of Spirit and there is no way around that.

Moving beyond cynicism is moving to higher mind and the first task on this good red road is to ask yourself if you are a cynic. Answer truthfully and move forward accordingly: with courage to move out of dilemma or stasis to remain fixated on glamor, on maya.

Your choice.

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