Wednesday, June 24, 2015

American Shaman

When you step onto your own Wisdom Path and dedicate yourself to navigating a deeper, spiritual reality, you step on the road to becoming a shaman.  You learn, as a shaman, to function "as a guardian of the psychic and ecological equilibrium of your group and your members, as intermediary between the seen and unseen worlds, as master of spirits, as supernatural curer, etc."

The shaman is able "to transcend the human condition and pass freely back and forth through the different cosmological planes..."

Becoming a shaman starts when you begin loving yourself for who you are and stop beating yourself up for giving fully of yourself and not getting it in return. You can't determine what another will give back and it doesn't matter as you are not in control of that anyway. Release those types of expectations. Give, with wisdom. That means being discerning and not being foolish or taken for a fool. Don't withdraw from the unappreciative, continue to give but spread the wealth a little more.

Heal, cure, share wisdom unconditionally. You will find your crowd and those who are not of your ilk you will treat with equanimity and keep them in the appropriate ring of your circle.

Your shamanic path begins with you when you realize YOU are a guardian spirit. This is the Wisdom Path, a path of mastery of the self.

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