Monday, May 25, 2015

Your Spiritual Toolkit to Create Like a God

You are God in human form. You are not ALL of God, just a fragment of God. As God, you have God's powers...that is, you are a creator. Oh, you don't believe it? Take another look at your abilities for they are a part of your Spiritual toolkit and they are:

1. What you think, you create.

2. What you feel, you attract.

3. What you imagine, you become.

This is how God manifests: with thought, with feeling, with imagination. This is called intent and we have these abilities as well. The problem is we have been conditioned by mass consciousness to believe we are powerless. We have been taught to give our powers up to what we have been made to believe is higher than us. There is no such thing. We are our Higher Selves, endowed by Creative Source Infinite Intelligence to create at will.

If you don't believe this, use the skills in your Spiritual toolkit listed above and watch all that you have desired in life of a positive nature manifest into your reality!!!

Think, feel, imagine. You are powerful with the intent of your Self. Now, function as such.

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