Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You Must Be the Truth

After many eons on my own personal wisdom path, realizing my own inner deceptions and facing many truths about myself, my ability to lie is gone. I just can't lie or be untruthful to myself or anyone else.  I have to be careful with this because most are not ready to hear the truth. What I know to be a truth may not be true for them and I respect that.

I can also feel/know when others are deceiving me both telepathically and through non-verbal communication.

I just recently had some close relatives deceive me. My experience was one of disappointment for they are not youngsters.  I guess I expect more wisdom there and I cannot and will not judge them. I just observe their behavior for I was once there but now I'm found!

My behavior was to say OK and then move on for I know they are on their path of wisdom as well. I gave them compassion because I did not chide them or call them out and I know now that they can't be honest with me at this point.

All I realized from this experience, which has happened with them a number of times before, is that I must be even more truthful with myself and others! Truthful with others where and when appropriate. I can be blunt, glib, domineering and condescending and I don't think this is the optimal way to treat people as I have found they resent it anyway.

I believe it is Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet who says, "This above all, to thine own self be true."

The wisdom path demands truth and most importantly, your own inner truth, the hardest truth of all!!!

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