Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I Practice Gratitude

I recently began a gratitude journal which made me wonder why I wanted to focus on gratitude so much.

I had learned that when you are grateful, the Universe gives you more to be grateful for. It also made me feel like I was wanting something from Spirit and I felt somewhat guilty as if the only reason for my gratitude and my journal was to get more for myself.

Then I realized that wanting more for myself is natural and is made even more important as whatever I get, I share. It is not for myself alone that I ask for and have abundance. It is for all of us. You see, the more abundant I am and become, the more the field is opened for others to do the same. My abundance is a clarion call for everyone to realize that abundance is our natural state and showing gratitude is how we stay in thanksgiving to the Universe for the cornucopia of wealth we receive. The Universe WANTS to provide for me and lack is a dysfunctional state of being!

Gratitude is my key to unlock my cache of riches that always await me just like in that room in the Harry Potter movie where he goes to take his gold which is piled high to the sky!!!

Be grateful, be abundant!

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