Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unconditional Love Consciousness - With Wisdom

Unconditional love consciousness. A mouthful to say and the most difficult level of vibrating the force of Love while we are in human form, in persona, in ego.

What is unconditional love consciousness? Why is it important and why must we have wisdom in being in this consciousness?

From the vantage point of my experience, unconditional love consciousness is that vibratory level of being that has you loving without agenda, without expectation of getting anything in return. You don't put any condition on giving your love. You are love and you give it freely. You realize that you can never really have a broken heart for your unconditional love is not a thing, it's a state of being that replenishes itself.

To develop this consciousness is important because it creates a space where there's nothing anyone has to do to earn your love. This is not tit for tat where if someone didn't do your bidding, you withdraw your love. This state of consciousness gives love freely. It is a higher vibration that sees everything as Spirit, as God, as Creation and therefore, we don't pursue ego battles to give it or have it. There is never anything lost in giving unconditional love that has no strings attached!!!

That being said, this level of awareness must be maintained with wisdom. You can be unconditionally loving but you don't have to be foolish in that when you are around those who behave egotistically and conditionally, you don't have to allow those vibrations to pull you down. You simply continue to love from a place of loving detachment, from afar, no judgement. You don't allow what you may think of as conditionally loving behavior to effect you because all are on a path to understanding unconditional love. Some are not there yet and they will be.

I see this loving detachment as a compassion for others while not letting yourself be enmeshed in conditional loving behaviors with others.

I have seen this up close and personal as with my own conditional loving behavior and that of others.

My consciousness allows me to continue to love them even when they are playing tit for tat with love for I am in the vibration of love, the force of love. I continue to love no matter what and I do it wisely.

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