Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Try a Little Negativity

Go ahead, go to that dark place within you and let out your negativity! It's healthy. Now, that does not mean harming another or destroying yours or anyone else's property. It is acknowledging your darkness and then releasing it in harmless ways.

Here are seven examples of negative behaviors that are healthy for the psyche to help it release itself from the clutches of darkness:

1. Getting mad.

2. Being lost.

3. Crying your eyes out.

4. Being solitary.

5. Not listening.

6. Breaking all the rules.

7. Not trying to conform.

When you accept that you are experiencing a dualistic reality of light and dark, you realize that you have some negativity as part of your wholeness. The first step to mental health, I believe, is being in touch with your negative impulses, accepting them as a part of you as in not being in denial and finding constructive ways to release this dark energy.

Just remember, as you find ways to deal with your negativity, you can't fix yourself by breaking someone else.

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