Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Transform Doubt With Faith"

Doubt is the biggest spoiler on the Wisdom Path. If you doubt that your spiritual path is real, have faith. It will turn you around.

What is faith? To me, faith is the intuitive understanding of all truth. You see, you believe and you know that you are Spirit and that anything is possible.

How does this combat doubt? Faith helps the psyche cope with uncertainty by changing its perspective in knowing that all is well and that our spiritual path is one of learning and this is why we are here - to learn life lessons that grow our soul's awareness. We then see that life is not about judgement and suffering. It is about growing and once we learn a particular lesson, we do not have to repeat it. We can move on. Soul mission accomplished. Stop making the same lesson come to you over and over. Learn the lesson. That gives you faith and banishes doubt. You know that the cosmic laws that operate on and with us are irrevocable and we can use the power of faith to have a more aware And happy life and it can and will happen.

Having faith is trusting that all is well. There are no mistakes, only life lessons meant to teach. Transform your perspective of life to include faith and you will no longer doubt. Once you release doubt, the Wisdom Path opens up to you and provides you with all you desire.

Feel rich and blessed. The World says you are!

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