Sunday, May 24, 2015

There is Only Here...There is Only Now

Our psyches believe, as in an opinion, that time is real and that we live a linear time-span. We also believe where we are or go is a "place." From my experience in perceiving the truth about time and place, there is no time and place. These are thought constructs we materialize for the game of life to create memories from experiences with the goal of expanding our spiritual awareness. We live out a life like a firefly, pulsating our light for a brief , momentary flicker. We do this over and over again until we release ourselves from this mystical experience.

There is only here and now. Happiness in life is becoming aware of the here and now and living a life in realization that this all is ephemeral and sacred.

How do we live this way? We develop mindfulness. We become mindful that our experience is human and what drives it is spiritual. We came here to be human but we are not human. We are spirits clothed in memories here to expand our awareness of the all there is. This life we live is like playing in a sandbox. We create in the here and now with a sense of the sacredness of our play and the continuum that we are. It's all play. We take on roles and we play those roles with such intent and that's where the honor is.

When you get mired in your struggles, yet again, become mindful that it's all in the here and now, it's a play in which YOU are the leading actor. So, act well your part but don't take it so seriously for here today, gone tomorrow. Yes, the Universe does move on from this here and now to another here and now.

Live this way and all will come to you here and now.

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