Friday, May 22, 2015

Feng Shui- The Good Manipulation of Chi

Chi flows and it's smooth and good flow in our bodies leads to our good health. It also flows in our environments and its flow is especially important in our homes since our close proximity to the chi in our homes effects our lives in every way from health to abundance.

The Chinese call manipulating the chi in our environments the science of Feng Shui. Learn this science as it will help all that is good to flow to you and all the negative aspects to be removed from your environs.

There is much to study and understand in the realm of Feng Shui and here are some surface level tips you can start using right now to clear negative energies from your home:

1. Salt your carpets by sprinkling sea salt on the carpets and then vacuuming the salt up.

2. Whatever is not working or is dead, as in clocks or plants, fix or remove from your home.

3. Remove clutter from your home.

4. Avoid too many loud noises.

5.  Play spiritual music.

6.  Meditate in your space.

7. Rearrange the furniture to allow a path for the chi to move.

8. Add living plants.

9.  Smudge with sage or light incense.

10. Light candles.

11. Verbalize positive affirmations.

These are just a few ways to help remove negative energy in your home and create an environment where positive, free flowing chi can come into your space, creating balance and harmony, the basis of all well being.

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