Saturday, May 9, 2015

Opinion Vs Perception

My experience on my own personal Wisdom Path with a dear friend several days ago presented me with a striking understanding.

We were having lunch mainly because in a previous dinner with him and his wife, he did not want to leave the table when his wife was ready to leave because he said he was interested in hearing more of the spiritual information we were discussing. We planned to meet for lunch the following week.

I was looking forward to seeing him because I thought he wanted to delve into the mysteries of the Wisdom Path.

When we got our coffee, I asked him what he was interested in knowing and he said that he was too afraid and didn't want to hear anything I had to say. He also said that the spiritual ideas I talk about are of a religious nature and that I am very opinionated.

I have considered his thoughts and have arrived at some of my own.

While I was a little disappointed that he shut me down, I understood that he simply isn't ready to hear some of the spiritual ideas I have to offer, whatever he thinks those are and whatever I could clarify for him at that moment. I must state that I do have what I will call confident humility about my understandings of my spiritual path and I try to move forward with that state of being as I share my experiences on my own personal Wisdom Path.

I also agree with him that I have certain understandings that I have garnered from my perception of Spirit to which I am intimately connected because I allow myself to be. If he wants to call this being opinionated, so be it. I see it more as perception, not psyche. While I do have opinions that my psyche has put forward, I also have perceptions that come from what I'll call "higher mind" that is open to the call of Spirit. I perceive that Spirit talks to my Soul, which talks to my Mind which talks to my Emotions which talks to my Body.

If you want to call these blogs my opinions, please do. I see them as perceptions and I believe there is a distinction: opinions are beliefs that derive from our psyche and perceptions derive from experiences of the mystical reality of Spirit. Opinions are good to have and so are perceptions.

I am continuing to gain greater clarity on this and thank my friend for sharing his thoughts on this important distinction. Are we thinking with ego (psyche) or with Spirit? Isn't that the question?

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