Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother oh Mother

On this Mother's Day, I share with you the synchronistic experience that I had with my Mother, Mildred, who bore me and raised me and my wife, Maureen, who also helped me to be who I am today.

Firstly, both of their names began with an M. They were both Virgos with my mother being born August 23 and my wife being born August 24.

They both were earth signs astrologically and fit with my Piscean nature, that is, the mixture of earth and water. They also both helped to ground my dreamy nature.

They both were an extreme mirror for me, reflecting back to me all my good and all my not so good character traits.

They both were attentive to my needs, sometimes in very exacting ways.

Each of them told me the truth even though it hurt me at times.

They were both strong, smart, creative and hard-working women with each of those qualities teaching me and helping me immensely.

Most of all, they both taught me the true meaning of love: it is a force, it is given unconditionally as they both stuck with me through thick and thin and also mothered me and my son so strongly.

Today, they are given the deepest appreciation, gratitude and consideration with the most profound love and affection.

I miss them both even though they continue to influence and guide me on my Wisdom Path.

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