Thursday, May 28, 2015

Knowing Doesn't Make You Smart...Experience Does!

We live in a society that says how smart you are is determined by how much you know, how high your intelligence quotient is and how much logic and left brain power you have. What is under-valued is our right-brain powers, our emotional intelligence and the depth of our experience including our experience on the Wisdom Path with Spirit.

For me in my perception, knowing doesn't make me smart. Whether I know certain facts and figures does not determine my level of smarts. What determines how smart I am is the depth of my experience and whether I am learning my soul lessons...the soul lessons I specifically came here to learn. That is why my soul experience certain lessons specifically for my soul growth!

My psyche doesn't have to know everything for me to be a brain, for my soul is in touch with all the knowledge that ever existed. That doesn't mean that I don't value life-long learning for my persona's benefit and I am someone who constantly reads and writes, as I have a college degree from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College and still maintain intellectual pursuits.

It is the wisdom endowed in your experience that, to me, makes you in the know, makes you smart. Have you learned your lessons or are you making the same life lesson mistakes over and over again? Are you living your life wisely or not? To me, not using your endowed wisdom culled from experience is not smart!!!

What is really intelligent to me is learning our soul lessons and moving on. Being on a constant tread mill of the same life lessons shows a lack of awareness and a lack of true intelligence.

Wisdom is the key factor of intelligence, I believe. It has all to do with being in touch with all your experiences as the soul you are from ALL of your lifetimes. Get in touch with this wisdom that is within you and you will understand how "lesson learned" is a truer sign of human intelligence.

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