Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Kill Nothing

On our own personal Wisdom Path we must watch our words for they carry a great deal of power. I have heard many use words mindlessly, one example being in the use of the word kill or killing. For example, I hear people say about a physical pain like a headache, "this is killing me." They also say very cavalierly, "I have to kill some time."

Words have power, they carry energy and what you say repeatedly can manifest in your reality including absentmindedly saying something is killing you over and over again. In the end, it will literally KILL you.

Words are not just empty things. They are thought constructs that carry meaning! Their meaning carry the weight of manifestation. Why do you think that mantas and affirmations were created? They were created because the power of thoughts/words have the power to alter outcomes, to change our behavior, our condition.

What I do is kill nothing. I never say something is killing me. I do not kill time. I do not kill. I do not think of killing.  I do not even kill insects. I have eliminated kill from my beingness because there is too much killing and by not being in the vibration of killing, I help to lessen the killing.

For a better life, I say, do not kill in thought, word or deed!

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