Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Have Unplugged From the Matrix...or Have I?

There seems to be more and more discussion about our "reality" as a projected Matrix like the one portrayed in the movie trilogy, "The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves as Neo.

From my own experiences with awareness, consciousness and perception, I have actually seen the Matrix reality we live in and have unplugged from it. Just like unplugging from a computer program. Even though I have unplugged, how is it that I can still be seen in it as well as operate in it?

For more clarity, what exactly is our Matrix reality and what does it mean to unplug from it?  As for my perception, not opinion, our Matrix reality is based on our psyche and the belief systems we have all agreed on that make this reality real. It is also called mass consciousness, consensus trance, society, culture and all of the operating systems in it from the Government to Banking and Education to big pharma.

This reality as we know it is strong because we all believe it, however it is slowly morphing to a higher reality that truly benefits everyone worldwide and not just a few because we are changing our belief systems about this old energy matrix that isn't really working any more.

Simply look at the changes in gay marriage for the better, equal pay for women, higher minimum wage, the fall of many world dictators, the Arab Spring, the rise of Africa and South America, the changes coming about in our educational system, the revealing of all the fraud and deception in our Government and Banking system, the move toward environmental protection, the better use of natural resources, the protesting by African-Americans of the police brutality engendered against them, the changes in our war machine and so much more.

These changes are not about over-throwing anyone or anything. It is a change in consciousness that makes us change to a more balanced treatment of humanity, all the beings who we live with here and the Earth itself.

To unplug from this Matrix means not being in agreement with the belief systems that are old energy and not participating in the continued propagation of these systems. Remember, this Matrix is based on behaviors based on what is believed and thus taking action on these beliefs. It is a very powerful agreement in the collective consciousness and still has residual effect like a shadow if you will. I can still operate in it and be seen in it but not as well as before it's leaving. The Matrix we believe is our reality is no longer here! It's just a holdover! We just think we are in it!!!

I no longer believe in this old energy and I have unplugged. I am with the new energy of balance, harmony, peace, love, forgiveness, wisdom and compassion! What about you?

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