Friday, May 29, 2015

"Heyoan On Death."

For most of us, talking about what our psyche sees as death is often sordid, scary and unbearable! It should be considering how mass consciousness conditions us negatively about what is essentially our greatest experience! The Wisdom Path is an intrepid path and no subject is really scary. This is not our most pleasant subject and indeed a most necessary one to understand.

Here are some perceptions of what we call "death" from Barbara Ann Brennan's book "Hands of Light, A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field." I am quoting from chapter 8, "Human Growth and Development in the Aura." This section is entitled "Heyoan on Death."

Heyoan is Barbara Ann Brennan's spirit guide who has been lecturing her on the death process and here are excerpted parts of Heyoan's lecture:

"...death is not what we have understood, but a transition from one state of consciousness to another."

"The process of death, that which we would call transition to greater awareness, can be seen as a process in the energetic field."

"when you die, you are going to another dimension. There is dissolution in the lower three chakras. There is dissolution of, and note we say dissolution, of the three lower bodies."

"The death that you imagine you will experience can be found within your wall (walled-off pieces of our consciousness that we don't wish to confront or realize during our incarnation). Every time you separate yourself in any way, you die a small death."

"Thus death dissolves, it is nothing but the releasing of the wall of illusion when you are ready to move on. And who you are is redefined as the greater reality. YOU ARE STILL YOUR INDIVIDUAL SELF; WHEN YOU DROP YOUR BODY, YOU WILL MAINTAIN THE ESSENCE OF SELF." (Caps are mine).

This is a strong subject but need not be seen as repulsive. Death is beautiful. It is our walling off of the Universal truth that makes it so difficult to bear.

This reality we live in is a consciousness and because we identify with it so strongly, we cannot see it for what it is: a hologram. We are not flesh as we understand it; we are really slowed down Spirit!

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