Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For a Happy You, Develop More "Personal Power."

Personal power, an important aspect of the Wisdom Keeper, is an aspect that most of us ignore. It is essential to your happiness.

I came upon an article on by Cheryl Conner where she essentially lists 13 aspects to AVOID for greater mental strength.  It is also, I believe, a formula for maintaining Personal Power:

Avoid -

1. Dwelling on the past.

2. Fearing alone time.

3. Feeling the world owes you anything.

4. Resenting other people's success.

5. Wasting time feeling sorry for yourself.

6. Giving away your power.

7. Shying away from change.

8. Wasting energy on things you can't control.

9. Worrying about pleasing others.

10. Fearing taking calculated risks.

11. Making the same mistakes over and over.

12. Giving up after failure.

13. Expecting immediate results.

Within these avoidances are greater mental strength and personal power. The only way to know is to practice them.

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