Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ex Machina

I went to see a movie yesterday called "Ex Machina" that treats the question of Artificial Intelligence and it's extension, consciousness, in robots. For a Sci-Fi thriller, the movie is fairly well done and more importantly, asks, once again, what our relationship is with and to the Artificial Intelligence humanity has already created?

There are many questions and thoughts that arose for me from seeing this film, the most important, I believe, is the question of playing God and giving so-called consciousness to a machine.

The obvious "Pygmalion" metaphor is there but to me, the pressing question is: what happens when humans play God and create an Artificial Intelligence?

We humans like to humanize everything including machines and in making them human, we hold ourselves above them like masters, like God. This is, in my view, an essential error in human judgement because we are exposing a weakness. That weakness is believing we are God-like, not in spirit but in ego and opens us to be susceptible to dropping our guard about and letting them unwittingly control us. Just look at how we have given our power to cell phones, IPads, computers, drones, cars, microchips and the like. These control us. We have allowed our culture to change in negative ways as a result of our machine's use.

When we play God in an ego sense, we are exposing ourselves to the weaknesses of the lower ego. Negative things happen from people texting while driving to cyber bullying on both an individual and a national basis, to loss of privacy, to drones killing innocent people to other negative uses of the Internet.

To solve this, let's first stop playing God with Artificial Intelligence. Let us realize the awesome power of our creations and show some appreciation, consideration, gratitude and, yes, compassion for our mechanical creations, our technology. When we mature and see it for what A.I. is, a tool to BETTER our lives, we will regain our sense of balance and realize that it's not about playing God with A.I., it's about raising our own intelligence, raising our own consciousness...we are already Spirit having a human experience!!!

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