Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do You Desire A Happy Life?

Do you desire a happy life? In my estimation, the greatest way to have a happy life is to do what you love with no compromises. Sure, there are roadblocks in life that stop us short of doing what we love.  My advice: go around them and "shake off the dreariness and long-suffering attitude of the five-sensory world of duty and sacrifice and prepare to LOVE your life once again."

We are vibratory beings of love; we are "keepers of frequency." May I encourage you to "learn how to defy the laws of humanity by conscious direction of your awareness and energy."

We are vibrating at the frequency of love and that, my fellow wisdom keepers, is the frequency of creation.

Do what you love and "seek the meaning of the exalted self. It is triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment."

If there are dark issues within your life that seem to prevent you from doing what you love, that seem unresolved, simply open to love. Be love, give love, open your heart to receive love. Anything else is not wise!

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