Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being in Spiritual Alignment

What is being in Spiritual alignment?

What I have discovered by being intimately involved and directed by my Spirit is that there is a state of alignment where we are allowing connection and communication from Spirit to soul to mind to emotion to the physical.

So when I say that I am spiritual, I am declaring that I have allowed, I have surrendered to, I am connected with my spirit directly which steps down its vibration through the levels of soul to psyche to emotions to my physical body.

What happens then? What happens when I am in alignment is that I am one with Spirit and my soul, mind, emotion and body resonate with the higher vibration of Spirit allowing my soul to choose positive life experiences where I am in a state of grace, ease and abundance, it influences my mind to have thoughts of love, peace, compassion, wisdom, tolerance and gratitude. It allows my emotions to experience feelings of compassion, generosity, charity, gladness and gratitude which in turn causes my body to experience health, calmness, serenity, tranquility and youthfulness.

When I listen to Spirit and become Spirit, I know that duality is a choice and I decide to choose unity consciousness!

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