Thursday, May 14, 2015

Are You an Old Soul?

I just read a recent channeling of the energy of Kryon entitled, "The Old Soul Defined" by Lee Carroll that elucidates what spirit sees as an "old soul." It's very revealing and I am posting Kryon's  seven qualities of an old soul here:

1. When it comes to understanding spiritual realities and the energies of spirit, old souls are like sponges for the information because the spiritual information is beginning to ring with the truth of the age.

2. Old souls are having an "akashic awakening." This is felt as a remembering as in déjà vu. You feel like you've lived before and experienced something before. Seeing constant digital read outs of 11:11, 12:12 or 10:10 on clocks is a delivery system to old souls so that they know they are old souls.

3. Deeds you have done in past lives ring in your akash and are part of your cellular structure like having been a mother having had children or a warrior having killed someone or died on a battlefield.

4. You have wisdom beyond your years. Remember, your wisdom comes through all the experiences you've had in all your've paid for it.

5. Because of previous battles with old energy where those around you burnt you at the stake, etc., you carry an attitude of a complete lack of self-worth. Your experience through history has caused you to search your mind to see if you are worth being here now in this new energy.

6. Discovering purpose. As you begin to change yourself from the old ways, your power really starts to show. Simply "be here." Your works are not as important as your presence. By being here as an experienced soul, you put your experience of wisdom into the grids of this planet, the energy of the maturity of your lives. This planet is absorbing everything you've done and maturing because of it. Relax and be. Your wisdom gives you a common sense glimpse of the mind of the Creator.

7. The old soul in this energy has the ability to feel profoundly loved by God and others do not.

Do these definitions ring true for you?

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