Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Purpose

It seems to me that there are many schools, classes and people offering to help others find their purpose, now more than ever. I believe that they mean well, for helping others find their purpose is a noble cause. At the same time, from the wisdom path perspective, each of us is already born with a purpose!

The fact that you come into an incarnation, that you are born on this planet means you already have your major purpose for coming here. From my awareness, coming here is about a spiritual being having a human experience for the singular purpose of knowing itself to a greater degree. We are God in form intending to experience a material realm to do one thing: learn from our experiences and expand our awareness. Nothing more. That's our purpose! Anything else is just details.

This does not concern the psyche, it concerns intention. What I mean is, your intention is already working your purpose and your psyche may not be conscious of it and therefore, you feel you haven't found your purpose. Perhaps, what we're really talking about is that your psyche has not found it's motivation and you are looking for that. Maybe you are looking to develop goals that you have thus far not achieved.

Goals and being motivated to achieve them are not your purpose, spiritually speaking. Your purpose is to live an aware life, conscious that you are a spiritual being on a soul journey of discovery. It's about truly living and learning.

Once you have achieved you soul's purpose and it is the soul that drives the ship, not your psyche, you no longer have a purpose to be here. It is spiritual purpose, not human purpose that determines your life.

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