Thursday, April 16, 2015

You Are a Light Body!

Everything, including humans are of Light and Sound. We are literally levels of vibratory light and sound frequencies that are having multi-level dimensional experiences. These experiences include earth, creative, will, love, expression, psychic, mystical and quantum levels of awareness and beyond!

Light, according to the Council of Light, is the application of frequency and Light is transmitted through our human presence. Light and Sound also are carriers of information of all that we humans are from our eons of experience on this earthly sphere to our lessons of soul growth and levels of consciousness in this format we call human.

What does this all mean as we traverse our Wisdom Path?

It means that part of this Wisdom Path is accepting the truth that all that is needed here in this plain of existence is your PRESENCE. You are HERE in format to express your SELF. That Self is providing information, a frequency level, a transmission of consciousness that has purpose, value and meaning INHERENT in it.

This is what one must become aware of on this Path: you already, inherently have Purpose, Value and Meaning. Your Presence here is enough.

Remember this adage: I FEEL YOUR PRESENCE!!! Just like in the movie, Avatar, when they said, "I feel you." We all consciously or unconsciously know who each of us are!

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