Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where is "Within" and "without"

In many of the spiritual blogs, "within" and "without" are often mentioned as places you go to as in when you're meditating, you are going "within" and when you are dealing with the concerns of daily tasks, you are "without." Where are these "within" and "without?"

"Within" and "without" are English language words that try to approximate a place which is actually not a place at all but a state of being. When you are "within," you are connected to Spirit and IN the consciousness of Spirit, that is, you are not thinking like a human. "Without" is connecting to ego and what are termed external concerns as in the five-sense world that we believe is real but is just an illusion of solidity.

"Within" signifies unity consciousness and "without" signifies the persona but the real trick of understanding this is to both go "within" and go "without" and realize that they are both the same. One is a reflection of the other.

Remember, as above, so below.

Your "within" will reflect your "without," that is, your Spiritual state of being will show up in the state of your persona!

That's why I believe a Wisdom Path is important: it enables you to develop your inner world to reflect a more wise, easy, happy, abundant, graceful outer world. This is consistent with all spiritual reality. "Within"and "without" are states of consciousness that are entwined!!! We perceive it as a place to go to but we are not going anywhere at all. There is only here! Be here now!

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