Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What is "immaturity" on the Wisdom Path?

I have discovered through my experiences with immaturity on my Wisdom Path what to look for when I allow that immaturity to distract my attention away from the Path.

Here are five characteristics to remind yourself of the immaturity we all face at times:

1. We give up too easily.

2. We evince a lack of self-discipline.

3. We are often swayed by our emotions.

4. We become lazy to learn, self-righteous and don't practice "emptying our cup."

5. We tend to rely on opinion instead of fact.

The Path is rigorous in that it is about facing truths and about facing the vagaries of our persona. When we face ourselves, we must remain vigilant to really see what's there and love ourselves for what we are. That takes maturity.

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