Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tune In

This Universe we exist in is what is known as a law of attraction Universe. It simply means that this is how things operate in our 3D matrix reality among other Universal laws. What does this mean for our lives?

It means that what we focus on manifests. What we align our thinking, emotions, belief systems and vibrational level with is what we attract or what will be our experience. Everything is vibration, that is, all is a frequency level. The good news is that we have control of our vibratory levels and as such create our experience. For instance, you want love in your life? Give it, be it, vibrate it. You want peace in your life, be peace, give others a peaceful experience.

In the spirit of creating your reality, here are seven common vibration killers to avoid:

1. Working too hard.

2. Lack of sleep.

3. Spending too much time around negative people.

4. Holding grudges.

5. Worrying.

6. Complaining and gossiping.

7. Saying "no" to fun times.

You want to create a better reality filled with happiness, love, grace, ease, abundance? Be the vibration of these things, act them out, give them away and this Universe will align you with more of theses qualities. You must give to get!!! That's the law of attraction!

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