Friday, April 17, 2015

The Sacred Principle of Seven

The sacred principle of seven operates in our physical reality or what are called the seven gateways of the life force as, for example, the seven layer auric body system, the seven major glands in our bodies, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes, the seven planes of existence and the seven-chakra system.

Since our physicality contains the wisdom of the seven-chakra system, we are ruled by seven Cosmic Principles of these seven chakras. This is our multi-dimensionality that naturally comes with this human operating system and is part of our perceiving mechanism.

To assist us on our ever-expanding wisdom path, it is valuable to know the forces we work with:

The Cosmic Principles of  the Seven Chakras are:

1. Gravity - groundedness

2. Polarity - male / female

3. Combustion - the will - fire

4. Equilibrium - balance - harmony

5. Resonance - attunement

6. Radiance - transmission

7. Unity - oneness

These forces operate with you. Explore them, function in them and use them. The experience is cosmic!!!

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