Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Inner Path

I have discovered that my own personal Wisdom Path is an inner path. What does "inner path" really mean?

For me, "inner" is simply a metaphoric description of of fact that I am with Spirit and not with Ego because, according to my Guardians of Light, "It is not the path that is important because, as we have been saying, you are already a master of light. It is a matter of becoming aware and realizing it. It is more of an inner shift and an inner awareness."

This is about being a spiritually evolved being of light, trusting that Spirit and thus your inner wisdom path, always has a better plan than your Ego. Just let that higher wisdom direct your life, clear your mind and wait for guidance.

Please know, I am not discounting the Ego. It is an important construct for navigating this matrix we're in, to keep your persona intact. I am advocating being aware of lower Ego's lower vibratory fields of fear, darkness, chaos, control and confusion. I am saying that that is not the path, higher consciousness is. That's the inner path. It is the way of Love and Light.

When you seek this true Love and Light in your heart, it gives you liberation from the darkness that is often the lower Ego or outer path!

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