Thursday, April 2, 2015

That Which You Are Seeking Is Seeking You!

That which you are seeking is always THERE for you. It is you that must awaken to allow it into your sphere of influence. That which you are seeking is vibrating with you now and asks that you simply align to it without reservation. Put your ego in your backpack! Let Spirit rule!

Do not keep what you are seeking at a distance with hesitancy, fear and doubt. It is yours already because you would not be aware of seeking it if you were not already in the consciousness of would not appear in your Universe. Trust this.

If you are seeking love in your life, give love, be love. If you are seeking abundance, give abundance, be abundance.

When you allow that which you are seeking to be in your life, you align with "the concept of being in ease and grace that allows that which you have become to be in the same location as you."

You are designed for bliss! Be IN the energy of bliss and see that the seeker and the sought are one!

This is what you gain on the Wisdom Path: becoming a clear channel! Gain clarity, gain happiness!

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