Monday, April 6, 2015

Seven Differences between Spirituality and Religion

While on my Wisdom Path at the end of November 2014, I received this information that made some distinctions between Spirituality and Religion. Since I feel that it has merit in helping us to understand on a deeper level and bring more wisdom, I share these differences with you:

1. Religion makes you bow-spirituality sets you free.

2. Religion shows you fear-spirituality shows you how to be brave.

3. Religion tells you the truth-spirituality lets you discover it.

4. Religion separates from other religions-spirituality unites them.

5. Religion makes you dependent-spirituality makes you independent.

6. Religion applies punishment-spirituality applies karma.

7. Religion makes you follow other journey-spirituality lets you create your own.

Whether you believe in these differences doesn't matter. I am not asking you to believe anything here. I posted this list for your edification and for YOU to decide how you see the differences between Religion and Spirituality.

In my perception, it IS something to examin for what else is the Wisdom Path for?

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